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The Living Brand and Brand Activation

At Phat we treat a brand as a living entity and can be seen in the way we use the concepts of Living Media™
and Variable Media™ improving the probability of success in brand activation.

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This is what we do. And we love it!

About Us

Why Phat?

Phat in a brand new world.

The proliferation of new media channels and brand activation opportunities requires an unrelenting commitment to engagement, discipline, speed and agility. New channels enable brands to interact with their advocates on a more personal and intimate level than ever before. Preserving the core values and character traits of your brand, is the key to maintaining brand authenticity, relevance and continuity in today’s competitive and increasingly complicated environment.

Phat has become a leader in regard to understanding and appropriate application of a myriad of brand activation touch points, old and new. However, we believe that in a world of tumultuous change some basic human truths remain constant. Our competitive edge and ongoing success is based on respect for established wisdom and creative mastery of new channels and modern technology.

People use brands to help them story their lives. Every interaction between your brand and your customer can be distilled down to the engagement of one identity and one personality with the intelligence and imagination of another. For as long as people are people this is how it will be.

Our Purpose and Direction

Growing Phat and loving it!

We believe we have experienced healthy growth, without doing any marketing, because we have been preoccupied with growing the businesses of our clients.

Our growth has often been a direct consequence of fulfilling the needs of our clients. We continue to create new strategies and pioneer innovative new approaches to ensure brand relevance, authenticity and continuity for industry leaders both locally and across the world.

Our own unique brand of wildfire continues to spread.

Share our enthusiasm and together we can set the world alight.

Who we are


Phat has been built on a solid foundation for many years by our 2 Directors. These gentlemen know nothing of Phatigue.

Rico Wessels


Operationally responsible for the effective running of all operations across activations, field marketing, POS, HR and financial matters.

Christopher de Bod


Operationally responsible for the effective running of Variable Media™, New Business and Apparel business units.

Phat. In search of the “X” factor.

What we do


Living Media™ - Nothing influences people like people.

Who better carry a message to people than another person?

We seek out talented individuals with dedication, enthusiasm, eloquence and charisma to carry your brand activation message into the marketplace. These people trained to be professional ambassadors of your brand in the environment that they will be working in.

The training and intelligence of these living media properties, allows them to alter their communication to be perfectly in-line with your brand and your customers. They are specially trained to harness the connectivity potential of digital technology in a live environment. They are trained to act as though employed by your brand. The wellbeing and fulfillment of these highly motivated, trained and talented people therefore depends upon the success of your brand and their ability to influence decisions to effect brand switching or trial purchases. This fundamental difference of our client offering has far-reaching positive consequences. We own over 300 of these professional living breathing media properties who are at home as activators, promoters and brand advocates. They can be effortlessly rebranded to be in-line with your brand’s character. They are highly mobile allowing for lightning-fast deployment and constant engagement with your customers. Our living, breathing, feeling media properties are unique in their ability learn, empathize and adapt.

Variable Media™ - The key to relevance, authenticity and continuity.

New challenges necessitate the creation of new tools: Variable Media™ is the planning, coordination and simultaneous execution of variable elements that combine to deliver in a single, sharply focused brand experience.

Our proprietary Variable Media™ property encompasses planning, coordination and simultaneous execution of variable elements, culminating in a seamless brand experience. We combine this effective planning and coordination with extensive field marketing and engaging creative executions.

Thanks to this unique proprietary system we are able to constantly create engaging, memorable and personal experiences of the brand across the entire spectrum of touch points with special emphasis on social media. One tweet out of tune can ruin your whole brand performance so to make sure that everything stays in tune we have a skilled team members constantly monitoring all social media activity. This combination of choosing the right partners, getting the planning perfect and understanding the connectivity potential of digital technology in a live environment keeps your brand constantly relevant, and authentic in the eyes of your customer.

Challenges we solve

Meeting the challenges of a new brand world with brand new tools.

The right combination of experience, creativity and above all discipline unlocks the power of new media by aligning each and every element not only with the character of the brand, but also in a style and tone that is appropriate to the medium thus gaining share of mind and market.

Choosing the right channels is a combination of science, talent and intuition. Getting it right is vital not least because it maximizes the return of resources invested in managing the creative properties of the brand. When you can’t do everything you have to choose the right things to do and you have to do them better than everybody else.

The Turnkey Solution that unlocks brand potential

A turnkey solution is of course, a system that can be instantly and seamlessly integrated into your current business processes. In the modern communication environment speed to market is a matter of survival.

Being “in it” as opposed to just “at it”.


Our Service Offering

Talent, experience and expertise:

We live in a new brand world and to be an effective brand activator in our noisy competitive environment requires the mastery of many skills.

• Broad experience
• Strategic and planning expertise
• High levels of creativity
• Operational experience
• Seamless execution at the coalface
• Mentoring of young talent
• Bulletproof Infrastructure
• Branding
• Distribution
• Constant customer feedback
• Application of knowledge and insights gained in research
• National infrastructure and footprint
• Collaboration of experts from diverse backgrounds
• Management Feedback and information on all marketing activities
• Access to marketing knowledge and trends
• Constant customer feedback
• Application of knowledge and insights gained in research

Industries we serve

Industy category experience:

• Telecommunications
• Entertainment
• Fashion
• Technology
• Healthcare
• Advertising
• Information Technology
• Automotive
• Tobacco


Riding the wave of new media.

Classical TTL


Being in it not just at it.

Turnkey Solutions
Product Launches
Store Openings
Gala Events
Cocktail Parties
Fashion Shows
Music Concerts
Full Scale Productions
Trade Shows/Expos
Golf Days
Team Building
Incentive Get-aways
Local and International



Own Activator Pool
National Footprint
Shopping Mall
Beach Activations
Sports Events
Campaign Fulfillment
Full Logistical Solutions
Full Management Information

Outsourced Marketing Solutions

Warehousing and Logistics (Own Facilities)
Distribution and Fulfillment
Promotional Items
Promotional Clothing
Branding and Management
POS Design and Manufacture
Corporate Gifting

Talent Management

Model Scouting and Recruitment
Model Management
Photo Shoots
Portfolio Developments and Management
Model Placement
Fashion Shows


Local Artists
International Artists
Once in a Lifetime

Why just activate when you can Hyperactivate

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To build brand muscle you need Phat

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Ground Floor Sagewood House
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1st Floor, Liberty Life Building
Room 108, 21 Aurora Drive


+27 (0) 31 535 7187

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